Life of the Lämpchen

Well with winter strong around us, I thought I would give us some summer time glow… This last growing season I decided to follow the life of one plant type from seedling to seed. Maybe I will begin this trend, or maybe the Lämpchen tale will be the only of its kind. Let’s start with […]

Begin Again…

There is so much left unsaid about our adventures in Southern India… in fact, I do plan to one day add some tales here again… however, its been over 5 months since we returned, and, although I dream of going back everyday, for now, I will celebrate where we are today. Our move to Corvallis, Oregon gave […]

Food: Take one

  So, the time has come  to spend some time sharing  about the food. I thought I loved “Indian Food” prior to coming to South India, and now I know I love the rural home cooking of the folks of Karnataka. Whitney and I have had very little south Indian Food prior to reaching Uttara […]

A week in the Western Ghats

  Just when our acclimatization was really starting to unfold, we embarked on a journey with a group of folks from the Mahindra United World College of India, (MUWCI).  We began this adventure at our home base in India, at the edge of the Western Ghats.  As we prepared ourselves for the arrival of the […]

The list of firsts…

So, in honor of our nearly 30 days in India we decided it was time to put out there our list of “firsts” that we have encountered since arriving. I have to mention that I wanted to create this post after our first 15 days, instead, I am learning that part of being in rural […]

We have arrived…!

Since we are still developing our schedule (which includes interweb access), I am just now able to post about our journey from Portland to Huthina Betta, so, come with me as I journey back a little more than a week and reflect on how we came to our new home for the next 3 months. […]